How to Make an Easy Crown

Do you need to make an easy crown for your coronation celebrations? This easy tutorial only needs pipe cleaners and sticky gems and only takes a few minutes to whip up. Once it’s completed, you can wow your fellow street party revellers with your regal headgear!


12 Sparkly pipe cleaners (non sparkly ones are also fine, if that’s all you have)
Stick on gems or stickers
Scissors (optional)

Crafting Time: 20-30 minutes

How to make a Pipe Cleaner Crown

  1. Twist 2 pipe cleaners together at one end to make one long pipe cleaner. (Wrap the ends all the way round each other, so no wire is sticking out)
pair of hands twisting 2 silver sparkly pipe cleaners together

2. Carefully bend the long pipe cleaner around your head to make sure that it will fit you. Then twist together the two ends to make a large circle. Add a further pipe cleaner if the circle needs to be bigger. This circle will form the base of your crown.

pair of hands making a circle out of silver pipe cleaners

3. Remove the pipe cleaner circle from your head.

4. Take a full length pipe cleaner and bend in half.

5. Twist one end of the pipe cleaner tightly onto your crown base and then twist the other end on 7-8 cms along, to form a triangle shape. This will create the first peak on your crown.

pair of hands making a pipe cleaner crown

6. Continue adding pipe cleaner triangles all the way around your crown base, until you have filled up the circle. (You can also alternate the height of the peaks if you want to get really fancy – just wrap more or less of the ends of the pipe cleaners around the circle base).

pair of hands making a crown out of silver pip cleaners

7. Add some stick on gems to the crown to add some extra bling.

pair of hands making a silver crown and sticking on red gem stones

9. Gently check all the joins to make sure there are no pipe cleaner wires sticking out that will hurt you.

10. Wear your crown with pride and channel your inner queen or king!

Coronation Street Party Ideas

If you’re holding an event or street party to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee this year, I’ve got lots of DIY craft party kits that you can put out to keep the kids entertained. The DIY Craft Mania party kit even has cardboard crown making as an option and you can also add in the plane making option and hold a royal fly by with the finished gliders!

For more coronation party food, activity and decoration ideas, take a look at Katie Bakes’ blog post. It’s packed with ideas and recipes!

Don’t forget to send me a photo if you and the kids have a go at making a pipe cleaner crown. I’d love to see it!

Warm, sparkly wishes,

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