Supplies to make 3D Easter egg ornaments - pink, green and orange papers with white string, scissors, beads and a pink cookie cutter.

3D Easter Egg Decorations

These gorgeous 3D Easter egg decorations are perfect to keep the tweens and teens occupied (little ones can have a go with adult help). Once you’ve mastered making round or oval decorations, I wonder what other shapes you could try?

Pink and green 3D Easter egg decorations made out of paper hanging on a white twiggy tree. yellow daffodils in a white jug in the background

Supply list

  • 2-4 sheets of patterned or plain paper
  • 50cms of wool, thread, thin ribbon or string
  • Glue (Pritt stick style glue works best)
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Piece of thin scrap card (eg cereal packet). Or an oval template (I used a cookie cutter).
  • Coloured pens or pencils (if you’re using plain papers)
  • Optional extras – beads, stickers and gems
Supplies to make 3D Easter egg ornaments - pink, green and orange papers with white string, scissors, beads and a pink cookie cutter.

If you don’t have patterned paper you can use plain paper and draw on some patterns of your own before you stick the shapes together before your cut them out.

If you don’t have an oval template that you can draw around, you might like to make one out of your thin card ahead of the craft along. My template is about 9 cms tall and 6 cms at its widest. But yours can be bigger or smaller. The ornaments look best when the shapes are as uniform as possible.

Instructions – How to make your 3D Easter egg decorations

  1. Using your template, draw and cut out 4 oval shapes of paper.

2. Fold each of your shapes in half (lengthways), ensuring that the pattern is on the inside when you fold the egg shape in half.

3. Glue one half of one of your folded egg shapes and stick it to your second folded egg shape.

4. Then glue the third and fourth egg shapes together so that you have two lots of two egg shapes. Set them aside.

5. Fold your wool in half and tie the two ends together with 2-3 knots (enough to stop the beads from falling off). Thread on one or more beads onto the loop end of the wool and push them down to the knotted end.

6. Glue both remaining sides of the two eggs shapes.

7. Lay the wool lengthways across one of the halves of your paper eggs (beads at the bottom and the loop at the top). Then take the other half of the paper egg and lay it on top (making a sandwich and trapping the wool in the middle).

8. If desired, trim off any edges that don’t meet up evenly on both sides (ie the white bits).

9. Add more beads onto the looped end of the wool if you want to.

9. Add gems or stickers onto the decoration if you want to.

10. Then make lots more to fill your Easter tree or branch!

Orange green and pink paper 3D Easter egg ornaments

Watch the 3D Easter Egg Decorations Craft Along

During lockdown, my children and I created a series of craft along videos, so if you’d rather watch us make the decorations and craft along with us in real time (and witness the crazy that is my little family) take a look at our YouTube video.

The Craft Along Hall of Fame

Well done to Betty, who made a beautiful egg decoration!

Girl holdng 3D paper Easter egg ornament

If you and the kids have a go at making paper Easter eggs, you can email me your photos to and I’ll add you onto the hall of fame!

Thanks for reading, I wonder what other shapes you could make using the same technique?

Warm, sparkly wishes,
Lexy x

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