Autumn Crafts for Kids

Weekend Craftsperation – the best Autumn crafts for kids

This month, I’ve searched high and low for the best autumn crafts for kids and indeed the whole family.

I’ve been running a weekly slot over on Facebook for over a year called Weekend Craftsperation, where I share gorgeous and (fairly) simple makes that you might like to try with your children at the weekend. I’m really picky about what I share with you because it needs to be useful and achievable. I’ve now put all my crafty discoveries into one handy blog so you don’t have to go ferreting around on social media for them! I hope you like it.

Having spent a lot of time searching the internet for crafty DIYs I’ve come across a lot of sites that bombard you with advertising and are hard to load, read and follow. So I’ve avoided all of those and brought you only the best craft websites that I can muster (and for you to pin for a rainy day!).

Pine Cone Mobile

First up is this wonderful pine cone mobile by the amazing Art Bar. You can have loads of fun hunting for pine cones on a lovely autumnal walk and then go home and paint them whilst enjoying a hot chocolate.
These mobiles will look beautiful in your home and the whole family can take part! This is definitely high on my list of things to make (and yes, it’s a long old list!).

The best Autumn crafts for kids.
Beautiful autumnal pine cone mobile by Art Bar
Photo courtesy of Art Bar

Leaf Jar

Have you ever needed to ‘encourage’ your kids to go out on a walk to get fresh air?

The leaves are in full flow of turning all the beautiful colours at the moment. I love nothing more than spending a cool, sunny, autumn afternoon on a walk with the family kicking the leaves!

My kids love taking a bag out with them to collect autumn ‘treasure’, it’s a great way to get them outside in nature and to get them excited about making too. I hope it works for you too and keeps the whole family happy.

Once you have your stash of leaves, you could try these glass tea light jars by Spark & Chemistry. (I think the leaves don’t need to be too dried out as they’ll just crumble, so I’d recommend doing the craft soon after your walk).

The best autumn crafts for kids
Autumn leaf tea light jars by Sparkle and Chemistry
Photo courtesy of Spark and Chemistry

Ceramic Leaf

OMG … these leaf bowls by Dainty Dress Diaries are ABSOLUTELY beautiful! I’m not entirely sure that my efforts will be quite so amazing but I’m going to give it a go!
These bowls would be a brilliant rainy day activity during the school holidays. You could also use the left over clay for all sorts of fun projects such as making beads and animals, or for the next project.

Need to buy some clay?

The best autumn crafts for kids.
Gorgeous autumn leaf bowl made with air dried clay by Dainty Dress Diaries
Photo courtesy of Dainty Dress Diaries

Clay Hedgehog

Does your child struggle to sit still and craft or perhaps the leaf bowls are a bit tricky for them? This idea from Sun Hats and Wellie Boots is quick and simple and perfect for littlies.
My son made these at school this term and he’s so proud of his! I’ll share his beauty in the comments (he’s called Spiky).

The best autumn crafts for kids - clay hedgehog DIY by Sun Hats and Wellie Boots

Lego Pumpkins

Finally, I couldn’t let October pass without a nod to Halloween and this Lego DIY by Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls is so imaginative!
You can even pop an led tea light in it and it looks awesome 😍 (the website is a little slow, but stick with it, I promise it’s worth it).

Need some orange Lego?

The best autumn crafts for kids.
Brilliant Lego pumpkins by Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls

If you’re fairly new to crafting with your children, I’ve written a useful post about creating a craft kit for children and where to buy your supplies from to get you started.

Have you tried any wonderful autumn crafts with your children? I’d love to hear about your favourite activities in the comments?

The best autumn craft ideas for kids.  A round up of the cutest seasonal crafts I can find on the web!

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