5 Tips for Taking Better Birthday Party Photos

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You’ve spent hours planning the perfect party; booked the entertainment, sorted a cake, prepared the food and party bags … phew!  Often children’s parties are so busy that it’s hard to preserve decent memories of the special day.  I’ve invited local, leading baby and family photographer Samantha Prewett to share some top tips that will help you take some lovely photos to remember your party forever.

1. Take some photos before the party guests arrive

The chances are you will be very busy during the party, so by planning a little time beforehand to take some photos of the birthday child, party set up and any important family members who can arrive early. You will be saving yourself some time and be calmer for the party.

Party Photography Tips - Take photos of the set up

2. Social media etiquette

If your children are inviting friends from nursery or school you probably won’t know all of them. It is always polite to ask their parents when they drop them off if they mind them being in photos, especially if you plan to post photos online. As a general rule, I won’t post any photos of children on my social media if I am not “Facebook friends” with their parents. Also, don’t forget to check your privacy setting regularly.

3.  Set up a DIY photobooth

If your children are a little older, a great way to make sure lots of photos are taken during the party is to get them to take some themselves. All you need for this is a tablet with a camera function, something to mount it into, and some props which you can either make or buy from fancy dress shops. There are lots of ideas online and you can even download a photo booth app!

Party Photography Tips - Set up a photos booth

4. Take lots of natural photos

During the party, take lots of photos of the children playing/crafting/whatever they are doing for their party, without getting them to “pose”. Natural, in the moment photos make the perfect keepsakes and are lovely to look back on.

5. Print your birthday party photos!

My best tip is to make sure you print off the photos you take. In this digital age we take so many photos, but how many of us still print them? There is nothing more satisfying than looking back through printed photo albums or scrapbooks, and your children will love doing this as they get older. Trust me, mine do. You can even let the party magic live on longer by getting your child to make a party scrapbook with you. They can stick in some of their cards or small decorations that you might want to keep and put their own mark on it by writing or drawing in it too.

About Samantha Prewett Photography

‘I launched Samantha Prewett Photography just over 5 years ago. I offer beautiful, natural and newborn and family photography across Dorset. As a parent to two little ones, I know how important it is to capture all those first memories to treasure for a lifetime.’

You can check out her work at www.samanthaprewettphotography.co.uk

I hope you enjoyed my tips and will try some of these ideas at your child’s next birthday party.  I would love to know how you get on!

Ps. don’t forget to put the camera down now and again and enjoy the party – speak to your guests and experience the magic of the party.

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  1. JoanneDewberry says:

    Great tips.
    We had a photo booth at our Harry Potter Party which was so much fun to make but also provided a great set of photos!

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