Easter Chick Fork Painting

Easter chick fork painting is so much fun! These cute, fluffy chicks are perfect for children aged 10 and under. Turn them into Easter cards to send a little sunshine into someone’s day or simply pop them onto the wall for all to admire.

Easter chick fork painting  - yellow chick painting and green grass on a Easter card with a silver fork

Supply List

  • Card or paper
  • Yellow and green poster paint
  • 3 forks
  • Black felt tip or paint
  • Orange paper, paint or felt tip pen
  • 3-4 small bowls / plates / a paint pallet for paint
  • Optional extra – Stick on eyes 👀

Instructions – How to make your Easter Chick Fork Painting

  • Squirt some yellow and green paint into 2 separate containers.
  • Dip your fork into the yellow paint. and create your chick body by dragging your fork from the outside of the card into the centre. Keep going until you have a round, fluffy looking body.
  • Paint some grass along the bottom of the card using a clean fork and green paint. Dip the fork into the paint and then press it onto the bottom of the paper, repeat along the edge until it’s covered.
  • Set aside to dry.
  • Draw on the chick legs and draw or stick on eyes and an orange triangular beak.
Easter chick fork painting in progress - 
a plate with yellow paint on it and a silver fork.  White paper with yellow and green paint on it

Watch the Easter Chick Fork Painting Craft Along

During lockdown, my children and I created a series of craft along videos, so if you’d like to watch us create our Easter chicks and craft along with us in real-time (and witness the crazy that is my little family) take a look at our YouTube video (I also show you how to make tulips at the end of the video).

Easter Chick Hall of Fame

Just look at these adorable Easter chicks! I love receiving photos from you guys, it really makes my heart sing 🐥.

If you and the kids have a go at fork painting, you can email me your masterpieces to lexy@madebymeparties.co.uk and I’ll add you to the hall of fame!

Thanks for reading, I wonder what other animals you could create using the fork painting technique?

Warm, sparkly wishes,
Lexy 🐣

yellow chick painting

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